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Transform your academic passion into publishable research under the guidance of our faculty and graduate student mentors, and develop a unique strategy for international admissions.


IRISeducation is an educational institution run by experienced mentors, all of whom have graduated from top universities worldwide. 

We conduct research and experiments to help students write competitive STEM research papers and prepare for college admissions.

Process for creating a Research Paper for international admissions?

Topic Selection
Search the best topic for students
- Discovering the student's potential, establishing motivation
- Exploring the student's interest topics
- Setting research topics and directions in line with the latest trends.
1:1 Mentoring
1:1 Mentoring service with our esteemed mentors
- Education on basic research paper writing
- Understanding of future technologies
- Training in basic experimentation and data analysis - Instruction on lab equipment operation
Student oriented experiments
Hands-on Experiments
- Implementing the student's creative ideas
- Using various advanced equipment
- Students actively lead and participate in every aspect of the experiment
STEM research paper 
e-Lab notes
Research paper writing training
Designing strategies for STEM competition success Participation in both domestic and International competition

Institute for Research on
Innovative Science and Education

When should students start creating a Research Paper for international admissions?

Research Program
Customized program for student 
Choose an education program that is tailored to the students' majors and interests for optimal results.

Basic-level Review Paper 

2 months /  20 hours

This course is for novice research paper writers. You'll learn to select a STEM topic, draft a review paper, and publish it in a student-accessible academic journal.


Laboratory Experimental-Based Research Paper + Science competition

2 months / 20 hours

At IrisLab, students conduct experiments, write papers, and prepare visual presentations for international competitions.

Basic Level

We have developed an educational program to help students who are new to research paper writing or are writing their first paper.

Recomended grades | 8, 9, 10

Data Science-Based Research Paper 

3 months / 30 hours

Select and analyze high-level STEM experiment topics, collect secondary data, and write a paper. The ultimate goal is to prepare a paper that high school students can submit for publication.


Laboratory Experimental-Based Research Paper + Science Competition

3 months / 30 hours

Choose STEM topics, design and conduct experiments. Write a paper and create visuals for international competition.


Laboratory Experimental-Based Research Paper + 4 Science Competition

1 year / 60 hours

The course teaches students to create effective documents, presentations, and videos. Prepare a year-long research project and update it regularly to improve its quality.

Pro Level

This program helps students excel in international competitions by improving their skills in advanced data collection and analysis, as well as enhancing their ability to write papers using statistical and experimental methods.

Recomended grades | 10, 11, 12

How does a research paper support university admissions?

Evidence of Specialization and Expertise
"Top-tier competitions, awards, and related experiences." 
Self-researched papers make the best portfolios for science competitions. They showcase skills and knowledge and open doors to top universities.
JEI Published
Research Paper


Student's statistfaction


Increased in acceptance rates for our students into medical, dental, and pharmacy schools



Increased in acceptance rates for our students into Ivy league schools


IRISeducations is a professional research institution with a proven track record of achievements.


Reasons to choose 

Institute for Research on
Innovative Science and Education

Mentoring from Experts
Ph.D mentors and experts are ready
You can receive expert guidance while writing your paper, allowing you to not only complete the paper but also learn the latest research methods and information related to the field.

Ph.D. in Science / Chief Director

Lee, Woo

UCSD Biochem/BS

KAIST Biological Science/Ph.D

Ph.D. in Engineering / Director of Education

Ahn, Sae

Seoul National University / Ph.D

Team Leader

Kim, Ki

 Sogang University

Bachelor of Computer Science

Direct Feedback
Direct feedback from professors at prestigious universities abroad
You can refine your research paper by directly gathering feedback from professors and researchers at prestigious universities abroad.

JEI Editor Team

"Amazing job! This is one of the most well-written initial submission of a manuscript to JEI. You very thoroughly describe your methods, including caveats, and presented your results logically and clearly. Your hard work and dedication to this project shows through your"

SY Lee student’s paper published in 2023

Associate Professor

from Harvard University

"Congratulations! This is a great manuscript and well written to allow readers to understand how you went about answering a scientific question. I think that with a few presentation changes this will be a great addition to JEI, and you should be proud of this study!"

E Jung student’s paper published in 2022

Postdoctoral Researcher

from Tufts University

I was very impressed by your paper! I’m really happy to see that you are taking on such an

important problem as cancer immunotherapy and trying to find out what issues stand in the way of effective therapy. Your experimental work is very impressive and at a very high standard and the text makes clear that you have looked into a lot of background literature.

SH Lee student’s paper published in 2022

Professional Research Lab
The only research facility equipped with the highest quality specialized equipment.
At IRIS LAB, you can thoroughly experiment with your research topic using professional experimental equipment without any limitations.